The Story

The Story

The Holy Grail of forex trading is being able to pinpoint trend turning points accurately, both in price and in time. After several years of development and testing, such a forex signal service is now available for every currency trader worldwide. 

My name is Tibor Varga, and I’m a 44-year-old Hungarian fulltime forex trader, technical analyst and market expert. Well, fulltime is a bit of an exaggeration. My entire trading activity takes no more than a couple of hours every month. Of course, I spend a lot more time researching and analyzing the markets, but not because I have to… I do it, because I love it! There is nothing more exciting than deciphering the mysteries of the markets and reading tomorrow’s move out of today’s action! Besides forex trading, which is a passion and a profession, now I have time for other important things in life… 


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Performance Review

Performance Review

Total pips since 01.01.2008: 414,148
Month Pips Cumulated
Jan 2014 209 414,148
Dec 2013 (-300) 413,939
Oct 2013 3,702 414,239
Sep 2013 0 410,537
Aug 2013 2,820 410,537
Jul 2013 1,190 407,717
Jun 2013 19,672 406,527
May 2013 (-653) 386,855
Apr 2013 4,927 387,508
Mar 2013 22,978 382,581
Feb 2013 2,868 359,603
Cross Dir Entry date Entry price Exit date Exit price Pips
XAU/USD sell Nov 8, 2011 1,792.000 Dec 16, 2011 1,575.000 21,700
XAU/USD sell Sep 19, 2012 1,771.000 Jun 28, 2013 1,201.000 5,700
XAU/USD sell Sep 7, 2012 1,700.000 Jun 28, 2013 1,201.000 4,990
XAU/USD sell Aug 7, 2012 1,611.000 Jun 28, 2013 1,201.000 4,100
XAG/USD sell Apr 29, 2011 48.250 Sep 30, 2011 31.000 17,250
XAG/USD sell May 2, 2011 48.050 Sep 26, 2011 31.000 17,050
XAG/USD sell Feb 27, 2012 35.450 Jun 1, 2012 28.100 7,350
XAG/USD sell Feb 24, 2012 35.340 Jun 1, 2012 28.100 7,240



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EUR/AUD signal for 2013/05/10
Currency pair: EUR/AUD
Entry Price: 1.2925
Entry Date: May 10, 2013
Direction: Buy
Signal Strength rating: 87%
Exit price: 1.5
Exit date: Aug 28, 2013
Result pips: 2075
AUD/JPY signal for 2013-04-12
Currency pair: AUD/JPY
Entry Price: 105
Entry Date: Apr 12, 2013
Direction: Sell
Signal Strength rating: 87%
Exit price: 93.55
Exit date: Jun 11, 2013
Result pips: 1145


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About Us

Most traders in the market have been led to believe that "the trend is your friend" or "you should trade with the trend". This is true, unless the trend is about to end. The problem with the trend-following trading principle, as most traders have learned it, is that once a trend is identified on a chart and traders know in which direction to trade, it will be obvious to all other market participants as well. This means that only very few are willing to take the opposite side of the trade at which point the trend will start getting exhausted, the momentum will weaken, and the price will be ready to turn.

The Forex Market

The Forex Market

The forex (short for Foreign Exchange) market is by far the world’s single largest marketplace where currencies are traded against each other. If you have ever traveled internationally, you have a personal experience of the forex market: you had to convert the currency of your homeland to the currency of the country you visited to be able to pay for any services used or goods purchased.  While you may have noticed differences in the buying power of your currency depending on when and where you made the transactions, you probably did not realize that you were participating in the largest market in the world.